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Work socks made for Hard Core Mining 
Miners Hate wasting money....

Comfort, Durability, Moisture absorbent, aid Circulation, naturally Anti Static, Hypo Allergenic are just a few of the benefits you gain from putting the MCE Ultimate Work Socks on your feet!

Why suffer any longer, the MCE Ultimate Work sock range are the preferred choice of the Industry worker!

The Miners Corp Essentials "Ultimate work sock" stands the test of time, the number one choice for the frontline workers of the Australian Mining, Civil, and Resources Industries.

 The best superior and durable quality heavy duty work sock on the market! Nothing else comes close.

Simply  Login or Register   within the "Community Forum"  to view more information  for those who Need a hand to choose which would suit you?  once you have login you will be able to view or if in doubt call the MCE Team. .... 1300 459 976

Or simply go direct to the Online Shop and select your favourites from the "Work range" choose your size and quantity, have a browse through the shop, you may find something else you like! to easy ...  then visit the checkout and your order will be sent ready for your arrival when you finish your swing.

Work Foot Wear ...  Best Quality With Bulk Order Options Tested, Tried and prefered by Miners for Years!

Giving back to the Community 
Community Business share your support;

MCE proudly endorses;

 My FIFO Daddy - A Children’s Book about Fly In Fly Out Life.

A children's book about Fly in Fly Out life as seen through the eyes of a FIFO daughter.

This amazing book has been written by FIFO wife Aimee O'Brien author and FIFO worker Rory O'Brien co-creator.
The beautiful paintings have been illustration are by the talented artist Kaethe Bealer

"We are all going through similar challenges and rewards with this FIFO life and we hope this book brings us all together in some small way".

You are not a MCE member? to easy simply visit the Community Tab at the top of this page, to the right on the top select to Login or Register then view the Forum, to find many options for you to choose!

"Dave the Dump Truck" written by Aaron White .... A WORKER at Newmont Mining's Boddington gold

"Dave the Dump Truck" written by Aaron White ... "I wrote this book so that miners such as myself can show our kids what we do" AVAILABLE IN STORE NOW ... great reading for the school holidays! .. Aaron is based at Boddington Gold Mine .

A Miner's pledge 
Miners Corp Essentials ... for a tough world!

Our VISION, MISSION & VALUES, aligns to the core of an UG Miner’s oath!

A miners pledge, we are family, we are united, we all stand together as one”
Our core:        To give back and provide awareness, knowledge to all who put a pair of work boots on, the “Worker”!
Our Goal:        To bring communities together, not to isolate them, to create stability within an unstable choice of living.
Our Emblem:   Stands for two hands locked, as together we must stand to bring each other home, Safe & Sound.
Our Existence: Formed from Workers chasing an honorable life, belonging amongst a mate ship, ground in from Pride Respect and Courage shaped from common ground.
Our strength is our community bond and interactive communication, when shared amongst us it provides for the Ultimate Health and well-being to a stable mental environment!

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