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Embroidery, Design & Print- Individual Branding

Postby MCE » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:07 am

Thistle Embroidery
Direct Link: :arrow: http://www.thistleembroidery.com.au/
Thistle Embroidery Mandurah is a family owned and operated embroidery, sportswear and uniform business which has been operating since August 1998.
Agnes and Steve WhartonContact: :arrow: P: 08 9534 9956 M: 0408 903 114
For a NO obligation quote or any questions you may have.
Email: :arrow: thistle2@bigpond.net.au

Main Showroom:
Unit 1,42 Reserve Drive Mandurah, WA 6210
Direct Link: :arrow: http://www.thistleembroidery.com.au/

At Thistle Embroidery Mandurah we can produce a variety of personalised one-off items and embroider a variety of garments and objects.
If it has anything to do with fabric, we will give it a go.
thislte embroidery.jpg
Contact: 08 9534 9956 Email: thistle2@bigpond.net.au
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Re: Embroidery, Design & Print- Individual Branding

Postby MCE » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:27 am

Thistle Embroidery Mandurah
A company logo, sports team monogram, school crest or individualised design is an image that you want people to recognise you by.
It is how you, your staff or your team can stand out from the crowd and make a statement.
Embroidery has stood up to the test of time and is still one of the most popular ways to brand yourself. At Thistle Embroidery Mandurah we can offer our customers anything from the most basic lettering or small logo through to very large and complex designs.
We have the ability to embroide onto a large range of items and garments from polos, shirts and jackets to bags, caps, badges and horse blankets.
If you have an item you want embroidered but are not sure if it can be done, give us a call or pop in and see us and if we can find a way to get your item onto the machine - we can embroider it. We are happy to embroider anything from one item to 1001.

Here at Thistle we are happy to set up a design for you from a business card, letterhead, photograph, or scribble on a piece of paper. We are here to help you through the entire process.
If you have no idea what you want our designer is happy to come up with ideas for you and work with you until you have a design or logo that is perfect.
Our staff are always available to offer you the advice you need to create a fabulous end product, from thread colours and design size to embroidery
positioning and garment choice.
Screen printing and heat pressing are also options for getting your design or logo onto your garments.

Here at Thistle Mandurah, we are well known for specializing in areas that become to hard for others!
We also offer the service of tailor making clothing, to suit what you are looking for!

Steve's years of digitising and embroidery experience have enabled him to become very skilled at doing all the awkward jobs that most embroiderers won't touch. If you have an item/s that you need created or embroidered and you are not sure if it is possible, get in touch with us here at Thistle Embroidery Mandurah and if we can help you - we will.

At Thistle Embroidery Mandurah we also have the sole WA rights to sell Cash's woven nametapes to our customers.
These can be used for such things as personal or commercial clothing and school uniforms.

At Thistle Embroidery we offer a wide range of quality clothing so you can outfit your staff, team, or yourself.
We will help you chose work wear, corporate wear, team tops, or a uniform that best suits your needs. With the huge range of styles, fabrics and colours of garments available you will be looking your best in no time.
If you really can't find something to suit we are able to provide you with an option to custom make.

We can also offer you a range of items such as bags, caps and hats, badges and banners. Of course you are welcome to bring in your own garments or items for us to embroider for you.
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